I had lost a lot of weight and wanted to celebrate the achievement. I´d toyed with the idea of a risqué photo shoot for a while but didn´t really have the nerve to look into it, until my husband surprised me with the gift idea for my birthday. Of course I also had to insist on new shoes and new lingerie for the shoot ;-)In the weeks before the shoot I felt quite nervous as I wasn´t sure how much of me I wanted to reveal. However, during the shoot I became very comfortable very quickly, surprising myself and especially my husband.Chris and Kristen were wonderful. They made us feel at home and helped my husband and I to feel very much at ease.I loved the pictures. I couldn´t decide upon 20 for the album so we had to order extra pages. I never imagined I´d be able to show such revealing pictures of me to others but felt so proud of them I was more than happy to. And everyone that has seen them has been very impressed! Since then, we´ve also bought framed pictures to hang in the bedroom. I love looking at them each day and they´ve inspired me to keep the weight off for the year since the shoot.Kevin: Stephanie had expressed an interest in a risqué photo shoot and I wasn´t about to let her pass up the opportunity. We had a wonderful day with Chris and Kristen. I was able to watch the photos appear on the monitor as Chris snapped away and remember being amazed at how stunning they were. I couldn´t believe this was my wife appearing on the screen! Now that we have them presented in an album and framed on our bedroom wall they look even better!


It was my husband’s 30th birthday and I wanted to get him something really special. After having my two children I felt my body wasn’t what it used to be and I had lost confidence. I finally got up the courage to book a shoot at Ben & Bella Photography after seeing my friends’ amazing pictures in her boudoir book. I was so nervous I was shaking all the way there and just felt sick. After half an hour in Chris and Kristen’s company I felt much more relaxed, they are very professional but at the same time down to earth. I felt like I had known them for years and ended up telling them all my issues and body hang ups. It turned out there is nothing wrong with me, it’s all in my head, like most women. After the shoot my confidence grew enormously. I now look at myself in a completely different light and think I look pretty good for nearly 30! Wow never thought I would say that! My husband absolutely loved the pictures. After not seeing me seductively dressed for 7 years it was a huge shock for him! He said he never imagined I would do anything like that. Now I feel so great about myself and show them off to everyone. If you’re thinking of having a boudoir style shoot this is the place to go!! You will not be disappointed. There is one small drawback though, which is trying to keep your man’s hands off you once he sees the pictures.


I decided to get some pictures done as a special surprise for my husband’s birthday and also to help me as I was beginning to feel pretty unhappy with my body as I approached another birthday! I chose Ben & Bella Photography because the pictures shown on the site were so great that I thought if they could make me look half as good then I would be over the moon! I finally mustered up the courage to call and after 20 minutes chatting to Chris I knew that I had chosen the right people. Driving up to Concord from South Charlotte on the day of the shoot I can’t begin to explain how nervous I actually felt, I was shaking and had butterflies and suddenly began to question whether I would actually be able to do the shoot at all. I needn’t have worried, Chris and Kristen sat me down with a cup of tea (there was me thinking that I would need a bottle of wine!) and chatted away like they had known me forever whilst we decided which lingerie I should use. We then went several rooms over to the dressing area where I got changed. I must admit I felt quite self-conscious when I came out of the bathroom wearing stockings, heels and my underwear but again I was at ease within a few minutes and totally shocked myself within an hour by posing semi-nude. During the course of the shoot I was given lots of opportunities to look at the pictures and could not believe that I could possibly look this good at my age. I can’t thank you both enough for the amazing confidence boost you gave me and the feeling that my body is fine and can still be quite sexy! I did not stop grinning for months and my boyfriend was beside himself when I gave him the calendar for his birthday. I enjoyed the experience as much as he enjoyed the final pictures!! To anyone contemplating having a shoot I would say ‘just do it’, the experience is just amazing.


My shoot took place in November last year and was one of the best experiences I have ever had. In the previous 12 months I had lost nearly 20 pounds and wanted to show off my new found curves and treat my wonderful supportive husband to a Christmas present he would never forget! A friend of mine had had a shoot done elsewhere as a wedding present for her husband but looking at the website for that company didn’t fill me with the enthusiasm that I had hoped so I did a Google search under ‘Boudoir Photography Concord NC’ and Ben and Bella Photography’s site came up as the top result. The minute I clicked through the link I knew this was the company for me – the images were exactly what I had in mind and looked stunning so I got straight on the phone with Chris. Chris was great on that initial call, explaining what the company did and what would be required on the day and I booked with huge excitement. On the day of the shoot I arrived, with my sister in tow for support, more than a little nervous, but Chris and Kristen could not have been more calming and considerate. We sat down and discussed what I was looking for from the session and what I had brought along as props. By the time we were ready to make a start I was buzzing with excitement, completely happy that the results were going to be amazing. We shot for nearly three hours but it seemed like just a few minutes – I was having so much fun. I wore a black stockings and heels and I felt very glamorous and threw myself in to it, thankfully both Chris and Kristen are great at directing a shoot and made it good fun as well as sexy. After the first set of shots, Chris asked if I was ready to try some revealing shots, and again, although it felt slightly awkward I was very much of the opinion that I’m only going to do this once (or so I thought at the time) and I wanted to do it properly so I took a deep breath and struck the pose, you know, it felt good. My main piece of advice for anyone looking to do a shoot with Ben and Bella Photography is simple – bite the bullet and do it! I’m still not 100% happy with the way I look but in those pictures I looked amazing. The shoot was brilliant fun and I couldn’t recommend doing it more highly. I am so proud of myself for doing it and I look forward to being able to look back on the images in the years to come and seeing how great I can look. Kimberly’s Husband said: I had no idea of the Christmas present my Wife had planned. When I first opened the album I wondered who the stunning woman in the pictures was (I was a poorly lit room!); when I realized it was Kim, I was amazed and quietly overwhelmed! Kim had worked very hard at getting fit and losing some weight and I was very proud of her before the photo-shoot; now, even more so! Kim is always telling people how much she enjoyed the whole experience and how much confidence both the shoot and results have given her – and the end result is something that I’ll always treasure.


I first started looking at the Ben & Bella Photography Boudoir website when trying to think of a birthday present for my husband, but because I don’t have oodles of body confidence it took me a good 4 months to get up the courage to actually book it so I missed his birthday and it became a wedding anniversary gift! When I first spoke to Chris, I wondered why I had been so apprehensive as from the first call, Chris made me feel much more comfortable and relaxed about the prospect of doing the shoot. The day came and I did my best to look picture perfect but the credit goes to Claudia’s talent in professional make up which fully prepares you for those high resolution images! And to Hannah who works absolute wonders with the poses, I thought it was supposed to add 10 pounds but with Chris’ camera, this is certainly not the case! The afternoon was an unforgettable experience…it was surprisingly easy to pose in these very un-natural positions scantily clad in front of people that I had only just met! There are very few situations in life when direction like ‘legs further apart please’ is acceptable and very funny. When I saw the pictures, I was absolutely blown away and just couldn’t believe that it was me, they were so artistic, classy and elegant – just what I wanted. The quality of the photo album and the leather presentation box were the finishing touches and I had great pleasure in giving the gift to my husband, his reaction was priceless! My revealing images are a testament to how professional the atmosphere is and how relaxed you feel. My advice to others is, try to lose your inhibitions and ‘just do it!’ Now I find myself even more pleased that I took the plunge and did the shoot as I’m now expecting a baby and everyone keeps telling me that your body will never be the same. The photo album is going to be one great incentive for me to get back into shape and book another shoot to prove that we can have wonderful bodies before and after – no pressure Chris! Such a big thank you again to Chris, Hannah and Claudia for creating the perfect gift for my husband and an afternoon that I will NEVER forget… you gave me the body confidence I needed and made me feel like the most beautiful person ever!


I did the shoot as a gift for my husband’s 40th birthday. I had lost a bunch of weight after our 1st baby was born and felt it was a great opportunity to do it for him and for myself. I was a little nervous before the shoot. Not surprisingly though, as no-one else but my husband, in the last 12 years has seen me naked. So yes, there was a degree of nerves on the day as I was driving to the studio. But I felt very relaxed, unembarrassed and at ease with the whole shoot once we started. I had great fun. Chris & Loraleah made me feel very confident with each step we took as we progressed through the shoot. Afterwards I was very proud of myself. It was such a liberating experience. I can’t recommend it enough. DO IT NOW! It’s a wonderful feel-good thing to do. One you will not regret I can assure you.


We originally spotted Ben & Bella Photography at the Carolina Bridal Fair and were struck with how beautiful and artistic the photos on display were. At that time I had just had my daughter and had scarring from a cesarean and never thought I would have the courage to have this sort of shoot but I really wanted to give it a go, but never had the courage to do it. After a few years my scar faded a bit and I mentioned to my husband that I’d like to have photos taken of us before we got too much older so we booked in to have them taken on our 7th Wedding Anniversary. We were both excited but nervous before the shoot, it didn’t last long as Chris and Loraleah put us at ease instantly. We loved every minute of our shoot, and were surprised at how much fun we had. We really liked having a chance to see the photos instantly; it gave us both so much confidence and ideas of how to interact with the camera. We were on such a high when we left and this continued for a few days. The final photos are just gorgeous and we have shown them off to so many people, we just love them and have such lovely memories of the day.


After a lot of research into wedding gifts I decided to take the plunge and book a Boudoir session with Ben & Bella Photography – we had also booked them for our wedding photography so we already knew about their award winning photography, and even better – I trust them. I wanted to give the album to my fiancée just before our wedding…I was so nervous before the shoot that I seriously considered calling it all off the day before, and in the end I dragged my sister along for moral support! As we sat there chatting over coffee and looking through the lingerie I had taken along Loraleah hit such the perfect balance of friendliness and professionalism that I really did start to relax, and by the time Claudia had finished doing my makeup and Chris stepped in to describe much of the day’s session, I had stopped shaking, and was looking forward to getting started. I started off wearing my lingerie as I really wasn´t sure if I had the courage to go any further, I´d never even been topless on the beach! But Loraleah was so encouraging and Chris was showing me the images as the shoot went along which really helped, it wasn´t long before I was completely comfortable! Before the shoot I was really worried about not knowing what to do, but Chris and Loraleah gave me direction the whole way through. I was on a tight schedule between Christmas and my wedding day and Chris and Loraleah managed to get everything sent over on time despite it all! The day before the wedding I nervously gave my husband the album. I was absolutely over the moon with his reaction…here is what he has to say about it: When I first opened Christine´s album, I didn´t really realize it was an album, the first image didn´t show Christine´s face and I seriously thought she had given me a piece of beautiful modern sensual art. Only when I looked closer did I realize it was her in the picture! I was so shocked, I looked up and said ‘That´s you!?’ She started laughing and told me all about the amazing day she had making the album. I was literally amazed that she had done something so brave and out of character just for me. Each page I turned just got better and better. Not only do I have these stunning images of my wife, but I have had the pleasure of seeing her confidence grow so much which is so wonderful. I cannot recommend Ben and Bella Photography highly enough, it was an experience I will never forget, and one I would very much like to repeat. For anyone out there thinking of doing this as a gift for their partner my advice would be to go for it, you couldn´t be more nervous than I was, and I´m sure you will have just as positive experience as i did. Thank you Chris and Loraleah.


In the 18 years I have been with my husband he has always wanted to have a photograph of me. He tried to take pictures but I mess them up with funny faces and odd body postures which anyone could interpret as a lack of confidence or just that I’m camera shy. We don’t even have good wedding photos! So for his 50th birthday I promised I would have my picture taken professionally. I was thinking a standard portrait photo, so imagine what I went through when he told me he had booked with Ben & Bella Photography for a Boudoir Session. I was 48 years old and while nice people might describe me as curvy, that would be leaving out all the saggy and crinkly bits! So I was breathless and sick with nerves. Before the shoot Chris and Kristen provide you with all advice and details you need for the shoot in a clear and comprehensive manner, so I just had to concentrate on conquering my own nerves. Also I spoke with them several times and always had quick responses to my emails. (Buying nice underwear and my first pair of stiletto heels was great fun too) When I arrived Chris and Kristen were relaxed, warm natured and kind – it only took them a few minutes to make me feel comfortable and calm. I usually don’t wear much makeup but even that was made easy by Claudia who gave me a natural looking makeup. They show you the first few shots immediately and you see how Chris has a “magic” lens because I was absolutely amazed as to how he could make me look good in the photos. After the shoot I felt like I had just successfully skydived or something equally brave and fearless. I felt much taller than my 5’ 4” and all these months later I still do. I also have had normal family and friends photos without messing them up; I just smile naturally and feel easy in front of the camera. Only my husband and I have shared these photos – I did it for him and he loves them. It was an unexpected bonus to have a boost to my self-esteem from the whole experience. So if you are having doubts, I think we should all put the experience of “you too can look good and sexy” on our Bucket List so just do it! It’s changed the way I look at myself in a completely positive way. On receiving the first draft of the photos I was working away from home and my husband sent me this email: Stunning, amazing, incredible. I completely love them, all the different styles. You look fantastic. Still can hardly believe you really went for it. SO pleased and utterly overwhelmed. I couldn’t be a luckier guy.” I also had him choose the photos which needed the least “touching up” it made me feel very good that they were all me.


Once I decided to look into a boudoir modeling session as a gift for my husband, I discovered your website and knew that your style of photography was exactly what I was looking for. From the moment I walked in, I felt comfortable and completely at ease. By the time my makeover was done, I felt sexy and glamorous, and my photo shoot was very relaxed and fun. Because of you, the experience was absolutely wonderful. This has been one of the most exciting things that I have ever done for myself! I had an absolutely fantastic time at the photo session, and owe you a million thanks for making it such a memorable event.


My husband and I had been thinking about buying some sexy, modern and classy artworks for the walls of our home and after looking in a number of local art galleries, we decided that it would be more personal if the images were actually photographs of me. We found Ben & Bella Photography’s’ Boudoir website and after monitoring it for a while, we decided that it was exactly the right company for what we were looking for. Classy, great attention to detail and it delivered proven excellent results. On the day of the session, after putting on the first outfit, and with a deep breath, I emerged to face the first set and Chris and Hannah clearly explained how to pose and that we would go at my pace. I found that Chris’ instructions were easy to follow and he allowed me to stop and look at the great results along the way. He even demonstrated some of the poses for me to follow! We were amazed at how stunning I looked and this gave me a big confidence boost. I became more relaxed, decided to “go with the flow” and have fun along the way. Chris was always a “perfect gentleman”, gave me reassurances along the way and I never felt awkward even when I was more revealing. The results were simply fantastic and it was hard to believe that it was actually me in the photographs. We had a great afternoon and we’re both looking forward to the day when we can hang our art on the walls. Chris and Hannah are experts in their field and we would highly recommend them to anyone; just take the plunge, go for it and be delighted with the results. Unfortunately because of my business profile, I’m unable to share my full face pictures but believe me, they are simply fabulous.


Before the shoot I felt fairly calm. I had so much going on at the time, I didn’t really think about it until the week before. When I realized I needed to sort out the lingerie, the reality of what I was about to do hit me. I was super excited and couldn’t wait to get over there. On the day of the shoot I walked into Ben & Bella Photography Studio I felt like I was in an upscale gallery with beautiful works of art, yet it was warm and inviting. They welcomed me in and made me feel right at home. After a chat about my photo preferences we got started. I had vowed to be as daring as I could and I had no doubts Chris knew exactly what he was doing. The female body is beautiful and he captures that with every picture. Watching the photos appear as you go along is fantastic. Seeing how good you look gives you more and more confidence. I was buzzing after the shoot. I felt alive and extremely proud of myself. Not only was I a little daring, but the pictures were beautiful. My confidence was through the roof. I’ve shown the grand total of 4 people my pictures. My Partner was lost for words (quite an achievement). The other 3 thought I was showing them pictures of lingerie I wanted to buy. I had to point out that it was me in the picture. They thought the pictures were amazing and asked if they could get some!


It was a great and fun experience and I was very satisfied with the extraordinary quality of the provided service – excellent photos made with style, taste and high level of photographic professionalism.


It was a Wonderful Experience!!! I was floored when I first saw my pics for the first time. Even though I am not a model, I looked like one. The absolute hardest part was choosing All of the pictures are Simply Beautiful.


I was nervous, and, quite honestly, a little leery of the entire process, but my excitement made up for any uneasy feelings! The process from start to finish was tastefully and professionally done; and the final product was superbly put together.